Sunday, June 8, 2014

Smashbox Lip Enhancing Gloss in Luster

I just realized these glosses are discontinued but figured I would do the review anyway. I bought this in one of the holiday sets that had five glosses for $20 versus $20 for just one. I haven't had man high end glosses because I find the ones in the drugstore work just fine...but I find it hard to pass up on a good deal.

So I'll start of with scent. They smell like vanilla...very similar if not identical to the MAC lip glosses. Since I love Vanilla it's quite alright with me.

As for looks very pretty in the tube. A clear gloss with pink/whitish shimmer.It photographed kind of gold. 

On the lips...looks like any other clear gloss you can get from any brand.

It wears OK. Not particularly long wearing but I don't mind reapplying gloss. I do wish it was a little more moisturizing though because when it wears off my lips they feel kinda dry.

It's great to apply over any lipstick that you want to make more glossy.

It's a little on the thick side and just a tad sticky which I suppose makes it last longer. 

Overall, it's OK...but I wouldn't recommend nor buy again. Five dollars is a fair price but if you pay any more than that I think it is rip off. I had a Cover girl lip gloss years ago that I paid $2.99 for that is very similar to this.


  1. Looks pretty! I don't wear many glosses but I really like the Revlon Super lustrous ones and the Bourjois ones :-)

    1. I see Revlon all the time and had them in my hand but ended up putting them back :) I'm going to check them out. I just don't really like sheer glosses and I'm afraid of it being sheer...