Thursday, September 4, 2014

Tweezerman Isaac Mizrahi Splatter Paint Tweezer

I must have lost my mind when I paid $25 for these. But in my quest to learn to do my eyebrows I realized a good quality tweezer would be a necessity. I didn't realize not all tweezer weren't created equal until not that long ago. All the tweezers I owned came in sets with other average to low quality grooming things.

Isaac Mizrahi claims:

fTweezerman is partnering with Isaac Mizrahi for the 2013 Limited Edition Designer Series Collection - an annual compilationcoveted by fashionistas, beauty aficionados and design enthusiasts alike. Fashion designer and style maven Isaac Mizrahi has added happy and whimsical prints to this year’s designer series collection for Tweezerman, bringing his adventurous andhumorous flair to the premium quality beauty tools that give you the most beautiful brows, hands and feet.   “Perfectly groomed brows instantly add a sense of polish and sophistication, and Tweezerman has always been a leader in achieving this flawless finish with impeccable precision and performance,” said Isaac Mizrahi. “I’m so excited to be designing fun tools that easily elevate a woman’s look. I love the idea of making it fun and being involved in her process!”   “For the 2013 designer series, it was important to us to partner with a style superstar that understands what savvy, smart consumers, who love the combination of amazing design and impeccable precision and performance, want and deserve. Isaac Mizrahi, a designer well known for demystifying style for women, perfectly embodies Tweezerman’s philosophy of translating therunway to real life for our customers so they can get their perfect look. Mizrahi’s designs can’t help but inspire women with thesame excitement that the quality of our tools wows them with again and again,” said Dr. Conny Wittke, CEO and President of Tweezerman International. “Isaac Mizrahi’s designs radiate pure happiness and beauty, perfectly representing Tweezerman and this highly collectible special edition series. - See more at:

Then when I was in college my mom bought a pair of Revlon tweezers that were AMAZING. So I went to Ulta and bought what I thought were the same ones. Hers were Stainless, mine were expert. And they sucked.

But I kept trying to use them until I decided I wanted to buy some good (and cute) tweezers. Don't ask me why they needed to be cute...I don't really know.

I had heard a million raves for the Tweezerman ones-so I decided that's what I would get. The only thing is I don't like most of the styles. The fruit ones are-LAME. And the solid colors don't appeal to me. So I saw these- and I liked the design. So I ordered them when I bought a bunch of other stuff from Macys. 

So they came. I used them. I thought they were OK.

A couple months later I like them a lot better- I guess there was a learning curve. It grabs onto hairs pretty well which is good. I'm not a tweezing beast yet though. 

Even though I like them better I still think those Revlon tweezers beat these. And the price on those are at a much better price point.

I heard it through the grapevine though that Tweezerman used to be better quality but like most companies the quality has been declining while the prices have increased.  That seems to be the bottom line of most companies though.

I like them-but I don't think they are worth the price.

Oh but check out my brows...they look pretty good right now! I've been trying to keep them in shape and figure out how to fill mine in without looking crazy... There are a couple strays but I'm not a perfectionist. So it doesn't bother me.

What are your favorite tweezers? Have any tweezing tips?