Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Tag: What's in Your Purse?

I saw this tag make its way around youtube a couple years ago and thought it might be a fun blog post.

I don't often wonder what's in other people's purses- but just for fun I did watch a few. Mostly for ideas. I rarely carry a purse, I'm making more of an effort now but theres just not much I need to carry with me at ALL times. I put my phone in my pocket and some cash and cards in my  other pocket and I'm good to go.  Or if I do have a purse it lives in the trunk of the car and only see's the light of day when I have groceries or something that go in the trunk. 

I've been making more of an effort lately. 

I was searching for the perfect huge purse....and found it. I bought it off my mom. It's my favorite Well, more of a burnt orange.

So I have the purse but have no idea what to carry in it. A lot of the time it's completely empty. Haha. If anyone stole my purse they would be very disappointed. 

I have managed to find a few things to chuck in it. But it's really a work in progress. 

So let's get started.

Meet my purse. Cute, huh?

So I try to carry water. I hate buying water when I'm out and thirsty. A case of water in the grocery store is cheap. Buying water on the go is expensive.  There are better things for me to waste my money on. Prior to the purse I kept the water in the car.

Snacks- I try to carry a snack too. Being hungry when your out can often lead to unhealthy fast food eating. So having a snack is often helpful. Maybe I should carry a meal, then I would really be ahead the game!

Body Spray- I like to smell good. It's either this or the perfume I'm currently using that I'll throw in the purse.
Lip Balm/Gloss- Something easy for on the go and that I'm trying to get rid of. In this case both of these products I don't like and reapply constantly in an effort to use them up already!
Hand Cream- I hate having dry hands in public.

Sanitizing Wipes- They were on sale and I thought it would be a good idea to carry them. 

Tissue- Gotta have tissue....

Blotting Papers- I'm an oily beast and these come in handy!

Hand Sanitizer- I can't not carry this.

And that's it. My bag looks painfully empty. Maybe I just need a smaller bag.

I've been drinking Twinings French Vanilla Chai. I love buying Chai for some reason. I think the spices really appeal to me. But I find is just tastes...OK. This particular one has nice spices but the french vanilla tastes pretty artificial. Maybe I should have just bought regular? Or...I should try to make authentic chai....hmmm