Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Essie Aruba Blue

It's been forever and ever since I've done a nail polish post. Not because I haven't been painting my nails...but because I've been lazy. I hate taking pictures of my nail polish because the NEVER come out true to color.

Essie claims:
a frosty sapphire blue.

Anywho, I believe this is the first Essie polish I am reviewing. I've been hearing great things about the polish for years now and since they are available almost everywhere it only made sense to go ahead and try it. I picked out this pretty deep frosty blue because I don't have any colors like it on my little nail polish rack.

I did have something in the same color family a couple of years ago with NYC...and I learned  that deep blue shades (while gorgeous) don't really do too much for my hands. It looks nice but it's not like "WOW". So I didn't have much expectation for it too look amazing on my hands but I figured I would try it anyway.

The color is beautiful but it's just aight on my hands. This would look amazing on pale hands I think. I just need another shade of blue unfortunately.

As for wear...it was just average. I was expecting at least a week....but NAH. To be fair I think it may be the finish. I have a creme from Essie that wears fabulously. 

Now let's talk the packaging. I think this just might be the cutest bottle of nail polish I own. I love the Essie bottles.

That being said I love the shade...but not for me. Think I might have to give up on the deep frosty blues..or nah.

(Two similar pictures-one without the glare)