Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Smashbox Lip Enhancing Gloss in Radiance

These were discontinued a very long time ago...but I still see them being sold in Cosmetic Company Outlets (CCO) so I figure I'll do a review anyway! 

Smashbox claims:
  • ull of shiny polymers and pearls with a hint of glistening color for three-dimensional shine. Brush wand flawlessly coats lips.
  • Vitamin E and sunflower seed oil nourish with a touch of creamy color. The velour wand perfectly contours lips.
  • Saturate lips with brilliant color. Vitamin E moisturizes and the high-pigment shine goes on smooth and lasts for hours. The velour wand ensures color precision and control.

I bought these in a holiday set last Christmas. It was one of five very mediocre glosses. I'm not the biggest fan of gloss anyway-unless they are full color glosses and super cheap. I can see spending money on a lipstick but not a gloss.  There are so many drugstore options that are priced better and do the exact same job.

But I bought these because I thought maybe Smashbox could change my mind.

And they didn't. Not at all.

This looks really pretty in the bottle. A nice mauve pink with tons of pretty glitters but when you put it on it just looks clear. I can't even see the glitters. 

So basically this is just a topper for your lipsticks or your lip pencils. It looks decent on top of stuff. Nothing worth the price tag these retail for. I got it for five dollars and have found glosses around the 2-3 dollar range that did more for me.

I especially hate the way these wear. They are really thick and no matter how thinly I try to apply it ends up outside my lip line.

I have on a lip pencil underneath in the photo.

It's not especially long wearing nor is it especially moisturizing (nor is it drying). 

I'm just not a fan and can see why they were discontinued. Sorry Smashbox!!

Random: I opened my Teavana Chocolate Bananas Foster tea....sounds amazing but definitely didn't taste as amazing as it sounded. It tasted like a mild apple tea with other fruity flavors...hint of bananas and can't say I noticed the chocolate. 

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