Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Afghan Recipe: Bolani Katchalu (Potato Filled Flat Bread)

I had the bright idea that I would cook recipes from different countries starting with Afghanistan. Just another little hobby I wanted to add to the already million I have already started. I really like eating cuisines from different countries but visiting different restaurants can be quite expensive. Plus I figured it's more hands on to actually COOK the food. 

So I googled afghan recipes and found this site with this recipe. Thought I would start small. These seem easy enough! 

I haven't made bread in forever and this flat bread was easy...and so good! I actually am going to remake it whenever I need some easy but yummy bread. 

They had a nice flavor......except for the cilantro which I'm not really a fan of. If you like cilantro you would love this. 

As for the yoghurt sauce..super easy to make and if you love dill you would love it. As for myself I just like plain garlic yoghurt sauce. Super easy to make and quite healthy!

Click here for the recipe.

Next time I make the flat bread I think I will fill it with sweet potato and cinnmam and dip it in some honey. That is after I'm finished polishing off the whole-wheat avocado cupcakes I have sitting in the fridge. 


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