Thursday, February 5, 2015

Victoria's Secret Passion Struck Fragrance Mist

Not so long ago I reviewed the shower gel in this same scent. I was put off by Victoria's Secret for a long time but ever since I got the gift set with this scent.. I'm not so put off by the scents. So if I see a sale on the stuff I just might pick some up....


Victoria's Secret claims:
Seductive and alluring, the new VS Fantasies Passion Struck Fragrance Mist ignites passion and intensity. The perfect finishing touch with skin benefits

So the smells like green apple/red apples mixed with a rich vanilla added in. But not how you would imagine just straight natural apple mixed with vanilla smells. It has the "Victoria's Secret" smell to it. All the scents in the line seem to have the same base vanilla scent and this has that.

I really like it. I don't find it lasts long on me...but it sticks to my clothing quite a bit. 

It's a nice smell. I really like it...but don't think I have to have it again once I run out. 

The only thing I don't really like is the bottle. It looks kinda tacky to me The actual plastic bottle is cute but the gold sprayer is just ugly for some reason. I like that you can see through the bottle and see the flower design printed on the other side of the sticker (hard to explain but really cute). 

I don't have the full size, I have the 4.2 once size which is perfect for carrying in your bag on the go. Which is where I keep mine. 

As for ingredients...we won't even talk about that. All types of fake colors and weird things that probably shouldn't be in sprayed on your body. 

Overall, I really like it. If you enjoy Victoria's Secret scents and love apples/'s one that is worth sniffing.