Thursday, February 5, 2015

Urban Decay VICE LTD-First Impressions

I'm afraid I have a little bit of a rant post. 

Lately Urban Decay has been working my nerves. It all started when they released this palette as a Sephora VIB or Rouge Item. And this super exclusive palette sold out. That's fine. Of course...I wanted it, but I can understand a super exclusive palette as a reward for loyal Sephora shoppers.

So I didn't worry about it. Of course, I wanted it...because I want to collect Vice palettes. But I didn't want it bad enough to pay eBay prices for it.  BUT then I see the Urban Decay website advertising the sale of the very same palette on December 4th at 3 a.m. I'm ashamed to admit I actually stayed up to order it. First and last time I ever do that for makeup. So anyway, I stayed up and checked the site. NADA! And they still had it advertised on the site. I checked it for at least two hours after that since I was up anyway...still no palette. They didn't have it up until around five hours later but by then I didn't even want to palette anymore. It would have been OK if they had posted a notice of some sort of apology and let you know when it was going to be back on the site. 

After reading on their Facebook page posts from different customers I was appalled by their customer service. They shipped out empty boxes and then if you have a problem they don't resolve anything. They were taking money from peoples accounts but not shipping out the products. It was horrifying. And Black Friday seemed to be the WORST. 

A couple days ago I noticed that Ulta had the LTD palette. So I planned on ordering it. Ulta has better customer service but I prefer Sephora. Mostly because Sephora has free samples. Ulta was supposed to come with a skincare sample...all I got was an ad and a paper with a perfume scent on it. I think I'll stick with Sephora. Anywho, my palette came in about four days....

And when I opened it....the packaging is definitely not up to par of the other Vice palettes. It's light cheap plastic. The others just feel more substantial and sleek. Plus the push button isn't as nice as the one of the Vice 2.  I fear the love affair I have had with Urban Decay is coming to an end. 

The colors are nice. But one of them is super chunky....and I'm not happy with it at all. I haven't swatched them all though, so I'm hoping that it's the only shade like that. 

It has the same brush as the other Vice palettes....I really with they would have offered something else in it.

I think I need a new favorite brand....I was thinking of buying Indie brands and saying goodbye to Urban Decay. 

I just can't get down with them anymore...especially if their packaging continues to decline.

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