Monday, February 9, 2015

Happy (Belated) Birthday to Me! (Birthday Haul)

My birthday was on Friday and I'm am officially 26 years old! I am OLD.

Second, I had a fantastic birthday! But I always do.

I went out on my actual birthday so there was no cake involved but the second day, my sister asked me what I wanted her to make. And I said "Waffles". I had already been caked out because my mom's bday is only three days before mine and my dad ordered her a cake from the infamous "Junior's" in New York. 

And I also made avocado/lime cupcakes. So I didn't want anything too sweet...and I had been craving waffles forever. Bad enough that I bought Eggo waffles (which taste like recycled mattress pads by the way). Homemade waffles are the only way to go. Except I was too lazy. So she made me the best waffles I have ever had with homemade whipped cream. You haven't LIVED until you experience those waffles. 

Seriously, they were so good I couldn't be bothered getting a camera to take a picture.

Anywho, this is supposed to be about my birthday haul....I bought the Vice LTD palette for myself.

I got a perdy red Coach wallet....

The MAC 150 

Two Mac lipsticks from my sister (Sin and Cyber) LOVE them. Gorgeous shades!

That's me wearing Sin!

MAC Candy Yum Yum (brightest pink I've ever had), and MAC Oxblood (just picked it out because of hype)

Almost forgot the Sephora Insider Gift with two Nars colors. I'm not feeling the's not pigments and nothing special. The red looks nice. Although it looks like it's a twist up product if really isn't...the tip is all your getting so it will go fast. I think I like the Makeup Forever Gift last year better!

And that's all folks!! Off to play with my new stuff...catch ya later :)

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