Monday, March 2, 2015

Bed Head Dumb Blonde Leave-In Conditioner

I'm defintiely not the target consumer for this product. I'm not clearly not blonde nor am I dumb (haha). BUT this was on sale and I figured if it can do good things for damaged bleached hair I may as well give it a go. I like products targets towards damaged hair even though my hair isn't particularly damaged. 

Bed Head claims:
Keeps your colour in as you wash out. Do dumb blondes have more fun?. Um, yeah because this lightweight leave-in does all the work! It's packed full of defending ingredients to boost the strength that bleached and over processed hair lacks and our colour lockdown technology helps secure hues to increase the vibrancy of your gorgeous tones

I've used the Leave In for brunettes and while I didn't find it did much for my hair- it smelled AMAZING. This smells nice too but I like the other scent much more. That one smells like toffee and this smells like a fruity mango pineapple type scent. It makes my hair smell pretty good too. After a little while it becomes very subtle but if you sniff your hair you can still smell it.

It's your typical cream leave in. But it provides a lot of slip. It definitely helps to detangle. The next morning when I rewet my hair I got confused thinking I had put in some kind of conditioner because my hair had the "slip" that conditioner usually leaves- from using a leave in 24 hours prior.

It applies pretty easily-unfortunately it gives me the white product look. But it doesn't take forever to dry.

I haven't noticed a difference in breakage and I definitely can't tell you about it's ability to keep your hair color vibrant. Well actually now that I take a closer look my hair is a little bit stronger.

When I use it on it's own it leaves my hair nice while wet but as it dries it looses a bit of it's shine and gets a little dull and frizzy. I usually need to add something on top of it to keep it shiny.

I have noticed less split ends lately. I'm not sure if it's this or the castor oil I was using but I won't complain.

As far as ingredients- Bed Head never has natural ingredients. I've come to accept it. It's ally their packaging and scents that draw me in...


Overall, if you need a leave-in that gives lots of slip and you already had your separate styling products this wouldn't be a bad one to try. 

Random- I feel so un-American. I never knew that Oreo released different flavors of Oreo's. They recently came out with the Red Velvet Oreo. I love Red Velvet cake. My grandma used to make the most Amazing Red Velvet cake. And for those that say it tastes like a light chocolate-your WRONG. Or maybe you haven't had true Red Velvet. Anyway...these don't taste anything like Red Velvet to me. They aren't bad- but I was expecting Red Velvet flavor. Have you tried them?

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