Sunday, March 22, 2015

Dionne Warwick

I had heard of Dionne Warwick because she was related to Whitney Houston, but I had no idea who she really was. Apparently she was a very big star! But her songs aren't really played on any radio stations that I have listened to.

She has been sampled quite a bit though. 

And she was the sister of Dee Dee Warwick who has a couple songs I really like.

That whole family just seems to have been blessed when it comes to talent.

I came across quite a few songs by her that I really like.

You can see in the clip how much Whitney looks like her.

Anyway, these are a couple of my favorite songs by her.

Anyone Who Had a Heart- Apparently Luther did a remake of this and A house is not a Home by Dionne. He worked her songs OUT.
Any Old Time of the Day
You're Gonna Need Me- Usher sampled this one...but I actually like the original much more
Walk On By- Aretha remade this. I love both versions. That doesn't usually happen.
Get Rid Of Him- Fun Song
Land Of Make Believe
It's Love That Really Counts
Don't Make Me Over- I love this song. 
This Empty Place

I don't know why her stuff doesn't seem to be as widely played as other older artists. She definitely has a unique sound and I love the things she does with her voice.