Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Lard Lad Donuts

If you grew up watching The Simpson's then you may have heard of Lard Lad's donuts. I used to watch The Simpsons all the time and oddly enough I don't remember them at all. Clearly I need to watch more Simpsons! Anyway, I saw a recipe for them on a site called Let's Eat Fiction. So I decided to make them.

I've only ever made one donut recipe and they were pretty easy. They were beignets from The Princess in the Frog (one of my fave Disney movies!). These were a little more complicated...but not much. You just need time and patience.

I don't like store bought icing so I made my own-from a recipe off a Philosophy Body Lotion and just added a little food coloring to it. Normally I don't like any coloring added to my food but since I don't do it often I went ahead and colored it. It came out great-except I added way more whipping cream then the recipe called for.

The recipe was pretty easy to follow but I didn't like that the instructions in the video weren't identical to the written recipe. When you mix the dough she says on the video to mix it on low and the written directions say to mix on medium. I did both. Oh, and I found mine didn't really turn into a dough. I tried adding another half cup of flower and mixing it longer but it still didn't form into a dough. I ended up just letting it rise anyway.

The dough was the hardest part of the recipe. It was super sticky and hard to roll out. And it stuck to everything. 

I had a sister helped me to fry them up. I don't really like frying things ever since some greases jumped out the pan and attacked me a couple years ago. 

When they were done frying- and after eating a couple plain- I added some icing and sprinkles. Sprinkles are another thing I don't eat every often but I remember when I was a kid and I HAD to have sprinkles on ice-cream. They don't really have much of a flavor but they definitely make whatever you add them to a little bit more special.

Anyway, the finished donut was so good! I never want another Dunkin Donut again. I even had enough to stick in the freezer to fry up another time when I have a donut craving.

These were so worth it. Make it- just make sure you have someone to help you out! Of course there is supposed to be a real Lard Lad donut shop in Orlando, FL. But I don't plan on going there anytime soon....

Click here for the recipe.