Friday, April 24, 2015

My Hair Routine

For as long as I've been blogging I've never done a hair routine. Mostly because I am constantly switching up the product. I still switch up the products but some things remain pretty constant, so I figured I would go ahead and write it anyway.

So I'll start off with my hair texture. My hair is mostly 4a with a random patch of 3c at the very back. My hair is fine (actually it's been getting a little thicker from some of the products I've been using) but it appears thick because I have a lot of it.

Most of my hair is pretty defined on it's own after I wash it except for the middle part which gives me the most grief. It's the driest, frizziest part of my hair. 

Here's a pic of my hair with absolutely nothing on it after I washed it. It's still pretty wet. And kinda tangled. Ignore the juicy pimple. I don't think I had makeup on that day. 

Depending on what I use my hair can be more defined or less defined.

Shampoo: I shampoo once a week. And wet my hair almost every day. I prefer shampoos that don't contain Sodium Laurel Sulfate most of the time. My favorite shampoos tend to be Shampoo Bars. Right now I'm using Anita Grant Lavender Rose Shampoo Bar. I've only used it twice but so far I'm loving it.

Conditioner: Every time I shampoo I condition. Unless I'm testing a shampoo to see what it does on it's own without conditioner. Right now I'm using ORS Hair Mayonnaise. It provides good moisture and strength. Sometimes I use my own conditioner which I'm currently working on formulating. 

If all I have is a moisturizing conditioner and my hair needs protein I just add an egg to whatever I have. My hair is pretty sensitive to protein but the egg trick works. 

Co-Wash- I don't co-wash anymore. I used to always keep V05 on hand but since they changed the scent on my favorite scent (Strawberries and Cream) and the bottle has shrunk I haven't bought it. Co-Washing was pretty great though. It added a nice boost of moisture and kept my hair looking great. I'm trying to avoid using so many chemicals so I probably won't be co-washing anymore....unless I find a good cheapie mosty natural conditioner.

Pre-poo- I only tend to pre-poo when I really don't like the shampoo I'm using. Otherwise, I'm not too good at remembering. I mostly use Vatika Oil because I have a huge stash of it. Vatika Oil is mostly coconut oil with a couple additives. I just let the bottle sit in some hot water until it liquifies, then massage it into my scalp and hair. So far I've only used it with shampoos I don't like so it helps a LITLLE but not as much as it could if I used it with stuff I really like. It's great though because when you massage it in it helps stimulate the scalp and promote a healthy growing environment. I think this is one of the products that has my hair line growing like crazy. I've always had healthy edges but now I have healthier edges. I almost forgot the mention- I put on a plastic cap and leave it overnight.

Styling Products- I tend to use one product at a time-be it a leave-in, gel, or styling cream for review purposes. If the product I'm using is really wreaking havoc on my hair I will add Shea Butter or Oil to try to help out. I have been using a bunch of products that contain not so great ingredients but once I deplete my current hair stash I am going to stick to things with better ingredients. 

When I want my hair to be really defined I will take some Shea Butter and a little gel and scrunch that through. It gives me a lot of shrinkage BUT my curls are really defined. No separating it into sections  or anything.  

I detangle my hair once a week (or at least thats the goal, it doesn't always happen that way!). 

I have put henna in my hair. About twice. I try to avoid hair color because it damages my hair and the henna doesn't. But I'm too lazy to keep it up. I have another box so I may try it again soon. 

And I think that's about it. 

What's your regimen?