Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Top Five Hair Moisturizers/Stylers

I recently posted my top five shampoos and conditioners, now it's only right to include a list of my favorite hair styling/moisturizing products.

I did think about splitting this up into gels, leave-ins, etc because I thought that would just drag the whole thing out unnecessarily. 

But enough blabbing, let's start the countdown!

1. Shea Butter. Sometimes I forget about how much my hair loves Shea Butter and I abandon the stuff months at a time. Shame on me! Once I try it again, I'm wondering why I ever stopped using it. My hair doesn't care which color...white or yellow-as long as it's pure shea butter. I have never used anything that truly moisturized my hair when wet or dry until I used Shea-and I haven't found anything else since. Most moisturizers make my hair greasy on the outside but dry on the inside. It sound weird but it's true. You probably know what I'm talking about if you've ever coated your hair in a petroleum based grease (don't do it!).

Anyway, pure shea- try it! You won't be sorry! For ultimate curl definition I use Shea Butter then scrunch some gel in it. This is another thing that always works for my hair, yet I never seem to do it. Tried it again- worked like a charm!

2. Garnier Curl Construct Mousse-Cheap and I get super defined curls just scrunching this in. This is purely a styling product for me because the ingredients are not so great. If I use this too often it can dry my hair a little. Another good one is the Curl Sculpting Cream Gel by them.

3. Carol's Daughter Healthy Hair Butter- As a rule Carol's Daughter products don't work for my hair. Except this one. My hair could not get enough of this. When I was using it I had many good hair days and great moisture. The problem? I hate the scent! But I can deal with the scent because it makes my hair feel goooood! Gossip Time: Carol's Daughter has been sold to L'oreal!?! Apparently they were going bankrupt-I'm not surprised because the brand sells out more and more every time I turn around....

EDIT- Just realized the ingredients on this longer as effective as it used to be!

4. Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie- I really like this brand, but it's usually a hit or miss for me. They have some great ingredients though so even when I don't love the product I like knowing I'm putting good stuff in my hair. This makes my hair a little defined. Not as defined as some of stuff I have tried. BUT the scent of this in my hair- amazing! This stuff smells stupid good. 

5. Sunsilk Captivating Curls Gel Cream Twist- This looks like a marketing gimmick but this stuff works I tell ya! My hair loves a combination of a creamy product+gel and this does the mixing for you! I used to hear a lot about this brand but not so much anymore. I just checked their website and it looks like they discontinued all their curly girl stuff. Boo, hiss!! This stuff is amazing.

As you can tell, most of this stuff has it's downfalls BUT out of everything I have tried these are some things I have loved- but I don't mind knocking them off the list if I find something better. .In fact some of these might be knocked off pretty easily- all except Shea Butter!

What are your favorite hair products?