Saturday, June 13, 2015

Earth, Wind, and Fire

I don't think I've met anyone that didn't like Earth, Wind, and Fire. Actually I would think something was seriously wrong with someone that says they don't like them. I mean, is that even possible? Nope!

My favorite thing about them....they play insturments! That is such a rarity these fact I doubt there will ever be another group like Earth, Wind, and Fire. Which is pretty sad!

Probably my favorite song by them is Reasons. 

So talented!

I love that song BUT I also have a whole playlist that is pretty amazing!

September- Can you have a BBQ without playing this song?
After the Love Is Gone
Love's Holiday
Got To Get You Into My Life
Boogie Wonderland- I love dancing to this on Just Dance!
Can't Hide Love
Let's Groove
Shining Star

I miss music like this! Someone bring it back!