Thursday, July 2, 2015

Baked Buffalo Chicken Wings

I first fell in love with hot wings my freshman year of college. Before that, I never would have tried the angry looking wings because I thought the spiciness would have been too much for me. I thought I didn't like spicy food! I would usually order once a week and always from the same place (because I lived on oatmeal packets and ramen noodles!). Until one day my roommate asked if I wanted to order from Chanellos. I asked her what was good and she recommended the wings. Which I loved. Well, I loved the sauce, the wings were kinda fatty so I had to pick around a lot. And thus began my love affair with hot wings.

I say love affair but to be honest I don't really eat them that often. When I came across this recipe I figured I had better try to make some for myself. The recipe is for 8 wings...but I doubled it. Leftovers are a great thing!

Did you know Buffalo wings are called Buffalo wings because they originate in Buffalo, New York .I was always curious about the name. Authentic wings are actually fried, but I love that this recipe is baked because I hate frying things...and baked is better for you anyway.

These were ridiculously easy and pretty good. I had mine with celery. I always wonder why they serve wings with celery...but they do kind of go together! These weren't spicy at all. I probably could have added more cayenne pepper to the sauce. 

I got the recipe from a blog I follow called Chocolate Moosey. She has an assortment of other wings I'm looking forward to trying one of these days 

I coated mine in butter instead of vegetable oil. But that was the only change I made.

Click here for the recipe!