Friday, July 3, 2015

DIY Matte Lips?

It seems like every makeup line known to women is coming out with a matte lipstick collection. I have a couple matte lipsticks but I'm not really interested in purchasing any more at the moment. I have about four regular red lipsticks but I really want to try a matte red. I don't want to be one of those people that hoards makeup and has a crazy collection. Plus I don't wear red lipstick that often so I figured I would test the DIY version. 

I remember years and years ago reading about two tips. One...just blot your lips. And the second, add a translucent powder over top of the lipstick. 

So today I decided to try see if they really work.

I used my favorite red lipstick, NYX Chaos. It's a beautiful pigmented blue based red and it has a ton shine. The picture below is me a couple of years ago wearing it. 

So first I tried blotting. I actually blotted a couple times. It did mattify a little, but the color was a little too muted. I want the color to still be vibrant yet matte.  It just looked like it had naturally worn off after a couple hours of wear. I didn't a get a good picture of the blotted lips.

Next I tried the powder trick. I didn't use a transucent powder because I don't have any at the moment. I'm not a powder user anyway. I used a tinted powder. It didn't really leave behind any of the  of the color of the powder. It did mattify it. But it definitely changed the color. It wasn't a blue based red anymore. It almost looked pink based. I found that I wasn't covering up all the lipstick. Only the center. It definitely changed up the look of the lipstick. But I'm not sure it's a good thing.

For now, I think I like the formula as is. I'll definitely keep trying though. For now, I'll keep the glossy red.