Monday, July 27, 2015

Elle Varner

I feel like I've been writing posts about mostly oldies...but I listen to music from this decade-I promise. Elle Varner is one of my favorites that is out now. It all started with Refill, which at first I couldn't stand. The chorus is kind of weird, but it grew on me and the lyrics are great. I did eventually downloaded the CD and found some songs I really LOVE. 

And....she can actually sing! It seems like most of the artists out now have zero singing ability but she sounds great live, on the record, everywhere.

The song Not Tonight has got to be my favorite. I played it on repeat after I discovered it.  

Some of my other favorites:
Only Wanna Give It To You
I Don't Care

I really hope her second album is as good as her first!

I almost forgot- I love her hair too!