Thursday, July 23, 2015

RadiantlyLuxeBeauty Exfoliating Blueberry Lemon Punch Soap

I LOVE blueberries. That being said I haven't had a lot of blueberry scented cosmetics. It's a hard scent to duplicate seeing as blueberries don't really have a scent unless you bake them. When I saw this soap I had to try it.....the combo sounds like it would be amazing. Especially in this summer heat we are experiencing at the moment.

RadiantlyLuxeBeauty claims:
Looking for that super blueberry scent? This one will knock your socks off! Fresh Blueberries grace this soap adding that extra exfoliation with blueberry seeds.
This soap packs a punch with its scent of fresh ripe blueberries and zesty zing of lemon verbena! 
Not only is it made with fresh blueberries, it also includes blueberry oil!!!! This is my own special formulation made to lightly exfoliate and moisturize without stripping your skin!!! This soap is a great addition to your shower experience!

So first off I have the same complaint I had with all the other soaps I bought from this company. It was underweight. It's supposed to be five ounces...and it's 4.6. Not that much of a difference but still! All of the soaps I ordered have been underweight and that's very disappointing.

That being said it is a decent sized bar. I cut mine in half to make it last a little longer. It's a grayish color with little exfoliating bits in it. It looks very rustic. Not your typical bar of soap at all. But I kind of like that.

As for scent, I love the blueberry aspect of the soap but I'm not a fan of the lemon. It's sour smelling. And I don't like sour smelling products at all. It's a sour candy smell. It doesn't linger but you can definitely smell it while you are using it. 

The lather is decent. Doesn't leave my skin dry and cleans very well. 

The ingredients are pretty good too....I love that it includes Blueberry Oil. Makes it seem super exotic!

Shea Butter, Distilled Water, Coconut Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Wheat Germ Oil, Castor Oil, Palm Oil, Blueberry Oil, Blueberry Pulp, Ultramarine Blue, and Fragrance. 

Overall I wouldn't buy it again because I don't like the sour candy lemon scent it has. Plus I'm not happy with the fact that all my soaps were underweight.