Thursday, July 23, 2015

Nike+Kinect Second Program Complete

On Monday I completed my second Nike+Kinect program. It was kind of a surprise because I thought I had two more sessions but I definitely completed it. I'm not complaining though because I kind of hate it.

I took my measurements before I started the program and I didn't really lose much if anything.  I'm not sure about weight because I'm not getting on the scale for awhile. 

That being said for not really getting much in terms of results I did work pretty hard. The first week I did five sessions but because it puts a lot of stress on my joints I had to knock it down to three sessions per week and do other workouts the rest of the week.

I really hate that it never adjusts to exercises I can't do. Such as burpees...or mountain climbers in the correct way. It won't substitute anything if you absolutely cannot do the exercise. And the warm up is ...too much. I say that because one of the warm up exerices is hopping on a square on one foot. Way to much stress on my joints. But that's not necessarily going to be true for everyone.

I do love the technology that it includes. 

But I hate that you pretty much do the SAME exercise from program to program. It gets very repetitive very fast.

That being said I have improved my "athleticism" with this game. And it does give your heart a good workout because it really get's your heart rate up there!

I'll probably do it of these days but I'm not looking forward to it. Net week I plan on starting The Biggest Loser game I have and see what that one does for me. I think this will be my third program I've started but I never stick with it.