Saturday, November 14, 2015

Back to MAC and Lush Recycling for FREE Lipstick and Face Mask

Today was a very good day.

I got a free lipstick and face mask, as you can probably tell from the title. If your into MAC makeup, you probably already know you can save 6 containers and turn them in to get a lipstick. That's a $17 lipstick free! Anyone else remember when MAC lipsticks used to cost $14?  

I picked Whirl. It took me nothing short of forever to pick it. The MAC display of lip colors is so intimidating. But I was drawn to this shade twice. Plus, the MAC girl (I didn't like the way she spoke to me...which is why I don't like to purchase in the store!) had cleaned some dark brown off and was expecting me to try it on my lips. She sprayed sanitizer on it...but I can't help but think it's still dirty and crawling with germs. So I wiped it on my hand and asked for Whirl. She was like "You don't want to try it on?" NEVER. The only lipstick that goes on my lips are mine. How do you feel about trying lipstick testers?

Anyway, whirl is a very nice pink/brown nude color. I've tried it on (at home) and so far I really like the color.

Before I went to MAC I stopped in Lush to get my face mask. I had about 8 containers but I always forget to bring them with me. You need five empty pots and then you get a free one. I wanted to try one I hadn't tried before and I noticed the Cranberry. I love cranberries and it sounded like just what my skin I took it home with me.

I have it on right now...and will be doing a review after I use it a couple of times.

I really love that MAC and LUSH have recycling programs. Not only is it better for the earth, it's nice to get free products once in awhile! I wish more companies would do the same.

Have you back to mac (ed)? Or participated in Lush Recycling?

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