Friday, November 13, 2015

The Blackest of Them All: Black Eyeshadow Swatches

I knew I had a lot of black eyeshadow....but I had no idea I had nine. I remember my first black eyeshadow. I watched a youtuber that said she recommended black for beginners kit and at that point I had like 3 eyeshadows and was looking for colors to build my collection.  So I went out and bought a L'oreal single in Raven. And I used it up. I remember using it as a liner mostly. But it also is great for adding darkness to any look, and it's great for powder liner, which gives you a softer look. It can even make a great base for other shades such as duo chromes or to create a completely different color. Some people can even use it through the brows. And I tried it, but it definitely doesn't work on me.

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to go through my collection and compare some of the blacks I have. Just to see which ones are the blackest etc.

I have a total of nine black shadows. More than I could probably ever use really.

1. L'oreal Mischief Duo- Darkest Shade in my L'oreal HIP Duo. It's definitely not the blackest black. It blends decently and makes a good powder liner (tap that brush off!). When I do blend it out I notice it looks more blue black.

2. Too Faced Licorice- This came in the Too Faced Semi-Sweet. It's a tad darker than the L'oreal one. A bit powdery. So far it's just OK but I do need to use it more.

3. Urban Decay Black Dog- Black Dog came in the Urban Decay Black palette. It is the blackest black I've ever seen. It's my favorite of the ones I own. I've heard it was just renamed to Black out...but I don't own that so I'm not sure.

4. Urban Decay Creep- I thought this was black until I compared it to the others. It's the lightest of them all actually. I think the glitter reflection makes it look lighter too. It blends very easily though and works well with the colors in the Naked palette.

5. Smashbox Blacktop- This ties for Urban Decay Lovesick as the second darkest black. It has silver glitter but it doesn't really stick to the eye. It's a nice black. It's released in multiple Smashbox palettes. Mine came in the On the Rocks palette from Last year.

6. Urban Decay Perversion- A couple years back this was Urban Decay's blackest black. It's not that black seems to have a little tiny hint of brown. It works well though. It doesn't always have to be the blackest black to do it's job. It has been released in a couple Urban Decay palettes.

7. Urban Lovesick- It ties with Blacktop for second place. It has more glitter in it and some it is multi-colored. It can be just a tad patchy. But I may need to work with it more. I haven't used it much.  It came in my Vice 2 palette.

8. Urban Decay Revolver- Revolver is a satin black with a hint of blue in it. I haven't even used it yet, if I'm being honest. It came in the Vice 3 palette. I need to get on that.

9. Urban Decay Deadbeat- This one comes in the Vice 4 palette. It's a nice satin black with more glitter than most of the others. Haven't used it yet either. But it should do the job all blacks do! Or maybe not because it's satin?

And now all together side by side....

I really need to get better at getting even swatches. I'm terrible! Funny thing, as soon as I started swatching I realized I had to go to the bathroom...and I've been trying to get this written before I go so I don't have to wash it off....and now that I'm done......

Note to self: Use the bathroom before I start a swatching post!