Sunday, November 1, 2015

Erykah Badu

I would love for my afro to look like this. It's so beautiful!

Sometimes I write posts on various artists and songs. Sometimes I just love a particular song from an artist....but ERYKAH. I love Erykah Badu. Seriously. She's a true artist and I love listening to her work.

My favorite Erykah Badu song...Call Tyrone. It was love at first listen. 

I love her style. Check out that beautiful print!

Some other songs I couldn't LIVE without having on my iTunes playlist at any given time....

On and On- I feel like I learn something new every time  I listen. Not many songs out there that do that.

Why does the video not have more views?

Apple Tree- Just listen and absorb the wisdom she's giving in this one.
Certainly- LOVE!
Afro- She's singing about picking out a flat afro and it sounds beautiful. Just talented.
No Love
Bag Lady- Don't end up a bitter woman- again spreading that wisdom.
Love of My Life- I think it came from the movie Brown Sugar. I should watch it again, I haven't seen it in awhile
Didn't Cha Know- This song pops in my head ALL the time. Didn't Cha Know?
&On- On and On Part II
Turn Me Away (Get Munny)
Umm Hmm
Out My Mind, Just in Time
Window Seat
Next Lifetime
Back in the Day (Puff)

I LOVE these songs. No other artist compares to Miss Erykah. Now excuse me while I put these songs on repeat for the next couple of hours.

I almost forgot, does Erykah remind anyone else of Billie Holiday?