Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Shopping My Stash: Edward Scissorhands Palette

I was browsing through websites, drooling over makeup products I have no business drooling over. I seriously have over 200 eyeshadows and don't need to purchase anymore. At least until I use a couple up. I don't want to be that person that just purchases for the sake of having it sitting and collecting dust. I hate waste. But I saw an Edward Scissorhands palette on the Sugar pill website (a site I visit every now and again). I've never tried anything from them before but they have colors that are right up my alley. And I've heard great things about them. Anyway, all of the sudden my interest was piqued. Apparently Edward Scissorands is a classic and I had never seen it. So I watched. It's an OK movie. I didn't really like the ending.

Although it isn't my favorite movie, it certainly uses color in very interesting ways. But it's a Tim Burton film so...yeah. The colors in the Sugar pill palette is nice..but there aren't enough colors in it that I feel would really be adding something to my collection. That, and like I said the last thing I need is more shadow. So I decided to see if I could dupe some the shadows and "create" my own palette. It turns out I can. Well, except for one color. I'm going by the colors shown on the website. I'm not sure if these are actually even close, but they are close enough for me.

Home Sweet Home: Urban Decay Crystal- I really don't have any colors similar to this. The only light blue shadow I have is Crystal from Urban Decay from the VICE LTD palette. I had actually never tried that shadow until last week, and I discovered I actually really love it! It's a shimmery, light, silvery blue while the one from Sugar Pill appears to be a matte, muted, baby blue. The Urban Decay appears a bit more blue on my eye than it does in the swatch.

Ice Angel: Urban Decay Roadstripe- This is a more unique shade. But I actually have it covered. It appears white but it's described as a silvery white with a blue duo chrome. I found Roadstriipe in the  VICE LTD palette. I don't think I've ever used it on my eye. I meant to use it in my inner corners today but forgot. Bummer! If I didn't have Roadstripe I would have really wanted Ice Angel.

The Inventer: Smashbox Gypsy-  This one is described as a creamy gunmetal shade. These types of shades don't really excite me...so I didn't care to really try to match it. I just picked a pretty gunmetal shades from my Smashbox On the Rocks palette. I've never used it. But it seems to have excellent pigmentation. It will do.

Suburbia- MAC Coral- I'm definitely guilty of wanting what's already in my collection. The Coral was calling my name. But alas, I already have a Coral shade from MAC. It takes some building up but it's a beautiful shade. It will tide me over. The camera wouldn't pick it up, but it's prettier than the photo.

Heart Shaped Cookie- I skipped trying to dupe it. I'm not crazy into beige. Plus it's not a good blending out shade for me as it seems to be for someone with a lighter complexion. Definitely one of the reasons for me to skip the palette. Out of six shades this is the one I don't need- AT ALL. I can see why it's in the palette though. Most people love a blending out shade included in every palette.

Castle on the Hill- Urban Decay Backdoor- I don't know how close this is, but it's the color that popped into my head when I read the description. It's a nice deep brown from the VICE LTD palette.

When I was watching the movie I felt like they missed a couple colors. I think the palette really needed a green and yellow shade. They showed these colors so much in the houses etc. Overall, I think the palette should have had more colors in it anyway. So I took some liberty and found a yellow and a green to fill that void. 

MAC Kelly- I love this color...but most of the time I can't figure out how to use it. I really need to play around with it more. Which is what I did today. I liked the way I used it but I'm thinking pairing it with a more neutral shade. I used it on the outer corner of my lower lash line.

NYX Mellow Yellow- A yellow is necessary to the collection. I chose NYX Mellow Yellow. Although it looks like they used a deeper yellow. I really don't like the NYX shade but it's what I have. I'm still on the search for my perfect yellow. This one is powdery and not very pigmented. It improves with a white base though.

So I had all my colors...and so I played around and this is what I came up with.

 I realized too late that it really needed some liner. Otherwise I liked it. And please ignore my atrocious brows. I really need to do something to them. 

I'll keep playing around with my "new palette" and hopefully I come up with something I love.