Monday, November 16, 2015

Soup Dall (Pea Soup)

I've posted a couple of recipes I've tried from the website I think it's fun to experiment every now and again and learn to cook cuisine from other cultures. I've made some interesting things from the site..and certainly tried things I might not have otherwise tried.

I thought I might try making a couple of the soup recipes. It's starting to get chilly outside and soup is a great thing to eat to warm up a bit. Plus soups tend to be pretty healthy and rather filling-especially true of this one. So I started off with Soup Dal.

This recipe was very simple. It can all be thrown together in less than an hour. Just looking at the recipe I was scared it was going to be bland...and it kind of was until I added a decent amount of salt and pepper. After that it was amazing! The coriander was perfect in it. And coriander smells amazing. I think it may have been my first time using it and it's my new favorite spice!

I couldn't find yellow lentils so I just used the red ones.Which are so nice looking! Plus they were on sale and you can get a ton for pretty cheap. I bought enough to make three batches for only five dollars. For the tomato puree I just took about two and pureed them in a blender and added that in. I'd rather have fresh than canned tomatoes!

I almost forgot to mention I used a stick blender to blend it up. I prefer that texture over just the boiled lentils in water. 

Lentil beans are very healthy for you! High in protein and tons of other nutrients. I think I may always keep some on hand so I can get my soup fix regularly.

It's a great soup! I can't wait to try some of the others on the site. 

Click here for the recipe.