Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Brisket Tacos with Red Cabbage

My Dad is pretty much the king of brisket. But I figured it wouldn't hurt for me to try my hand at it too. Of course, he smokes his and I just made mine in the oven. I'm not ready to learn how to smoke yet, although I do know how to grill!

I got the recipe from Food Network. I recognized the Chef from Chopped and Iron Chef (I think), so I was pretty excited to try out one of her recipes. 

I was kind of nervous about making it in the oven though. I was certain it was going to dry out. But if came out perfectly. 

That is until I added the sauce. I think I added a little too much salt to the sauce. Then I kind of warmed it up a teeny bit too much because it got a little dry but only certain pieces. Learning for next I guess.

So much garlic- but garlic is good for you! This was the first time I roasted garlic. There was little pops of roasted garlic that were delicious in the taco. 

I let my brisket marinate for about two days before cooking. It didn't mention doing that in the recipe but I think it's good to let the spices soak in. I also made my own chill powder---which was kind of fun. And it has a lot more flavor than the stuff you would normally pick up in the grocery store. 

Making it nice and brown before it cooks in the oven!

Scratch made sauce- made with lots of red onion and wine!

Completely cooked Brisket- ready for slicing!

Ready to add to tacos.

I never realized how easy slaw is to make until this recipe. I only used half of the cabbage and chopped it in my Vitamix. It came out alright. I'm not really a big fan of cabbage. Until I mixed the other half into smoothes for purple smoothies. The color made the smoothies look gorgeous and added tons of anti-oxidants to it. But back to the slaw- it does help to balance the tacos. 

And there is it. My sister made the tortillas. So there you have it, everything from scratch.

If I needed to cook a brisket again I would probably use this method to cook it. But I probably wouldn't made the sauce or the slaw again. It was quite a bit of work but it was very fun to cook.

Click here for the recipe!