Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Favorite Eyeshadows For Summer/Spring

I love summer makeup so much more than fall. I just love bright colors, and although I will wear them year round, they just look so much nicer when the weather is beautiful and sunny.

Some of these are discontinued, some you can still get. But that's not what's important. Most colors are dupeable and you can get them across multiple brands. I will give alternatives where I can though.

So let's get started.

1. L'oreal HIP Showy Duo-  Before I found this duo, I pretty much stuck to bronze shadow. I had a Bronze quad from Covergirl, then a bronze shadow stick from Avon. I was all about that bronze. Then I bought this on BOGO years and years ago. I've since heard it's a dupe of MAC Parrot Eyeshadow. I wish I could get my hands on Parrot, because the shimmery blue shade is almost gone and I don't like the matte blue side enough to repurchase, but it does compliment the shimmer side well. But long story short, this is the color that made me fall in love with color.  

I've since gotten better at applying it...this pic is from 2009.  Woah!

2. Too Faced 1998- This is one of my favorite purples for sure. It came in a discontinued palette but have no fear, I have found a similar shadow. It's from MAC and it's called Creme De Violet. If I ever run out of the Too Faced shade I'm getting Creme De Violet. But my favorite way to wear this is actually in the crease with gold on the lid. Or just all over the lid. One of my favorite purples for sure!

3. NYX Extreme Apricot- I love red eyeshadow. Especially bright red. Unfortunately, they don't make this particular shade anymore. Actually it doesn't seem like NYX makes any red anymore. But I love this shadow. It adds a lot of brightness to my face and makes me feel like summer. I did find a shade that looks to be comparable and it's Ingot 382 Matte eyeshadow. If I ever finished this shadow I would for sure pick that one out. I can't be without red. As it is, I probably won't run out because I tend to save my favorites. All I'm really trying to say here is, if you don't have a red, get one! Any brands should do!

 This is an older picture, I probably wouldn't pair it with brown, just blend it out with any barely there color crease color. And I usually ditch the liner.

4. L'oreal Intrepid- This is another from the L'oreal HIP line. Can you tell I really loved that line back in the day? I had no idea how pretty this was going to be when I picked it up. Nowadays every brand makes a shade like this. It's a brown/green duo chrome, but for some reason a lot of people thought it was blue when I would wear it.  Some dupes of it are in the Wet N Wild Comfort Zone palette, MAC Club, MAC Blue Brown Pigment, and Too Faced Label Whore. This is more for summer/spring nights though.

5. MAC Aqua- I was scared this shadow was going to have way to much white in it to show up correctly on me. I've never been more happy to be wrong. This is the MAC eyeshadow that made me want all their matte brights/pastels. I've found so many ways to wear it, it goes especially well with purples, greens, and blues. I had a hard time deciding between this..or MAC Coral. I really do need to review the MAC shades in my collection. Anyway, this is a must have for me. And if I ever used it up, I would probably repurchase immediately!

Now that I'm looking over my collection, there are so many more I want to add. All the colors from Urban Decay Electric, MAC Parfait Amour, Teal shade from L'oreal Sassy Duo, pretty much every bright shadow I've ever gotten my hands on. What can I say? I love brights! 

What are your favorite bright shades? Do you wear brights? Let me know in the comments!