Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Force M.D.'s

It's been a sad sad week for music. First Prince, then Billy Paul. I don't have the biggest Prince playlist, but the songs I have by him I really love. As for Billy Paul, I love his songs. Me and Mrs. Jones is one of my very favorite songs along with a couple others.

So now...Force M.D.'s. I don't have the largest Force M.D's playlist. But if you pop in an album you won't have trouble listening through the whole album. They are supposedly to be my dad's favorite group, but I wouldn't say I grew up listening to them. Except maybe the song Tears. He played that all the time. 

An essentail Force M.D song is Tender Love. It's one those that you listen and love on first listen. It's just a classic.

And a couple other essentials....Tears. Love this song.

And....Touch and Go.

And a couple more...Here I Go Again, Love is a House, Couldn't Care Less, Forgive Me Girl..etc

To be honest you can't go wrong with any Force M.D. song. I just wish there were more live clips on youtube.