Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Gold Eyeshadow Swatches/Collection

I'm having a really great day. I mean a really, really great day! And I hope you are too! 

Today I am going to swatch all my golds. I actually don't wear gold very often. Most of the time I don't really like how it comes out on me. But then again I tend to pair with with dark browns and that combination doesn't really do much for my complexion. When I pair it with a bright color, all of the sudden I can't get enough of it! But still, I don't reach for it. I'm more of a bronze type of girl.

But I'm going to swatch my golds anyway. So let's get started.

1. Smashbox Nutmeg- I have worn this a couple times before and I remember liking it. But it's in a palette I hardly ever open. I think that needs to be fixed. It's an orange gold that is super pigmented.

2. NYX Peach Bronze- This used to be an everyday shade for me. It's a very easy one shadow look for me. I just recently hit pan on it and I'm thinking of adding it to Project Pan. It has less orange than the Smashbox Nutmeg.

3. Smashbox Ambient- This has more orange than the previous two. It's a lovely color, and I don't think I've used it yet. Shame, Shame!

4. Smashbox Midas- The texture of this one is very difficult to work with. It's a more muted golden shade.

5. MAC Goldmine- This was a gift from a great friend back in college. It's a very yellow gold. I don't think yellow golds suit me but I haven't worn this for awhile so I think I need to pull it out again.

6. Too Faced Creme Brulee- From the Original Chocolate Bar. I've tried wearing it a few times and never thought it suited me but I think I wore it the same way every single time. 

7. Too Faced Marzipan- This is a pale pink champagne with a little gold. I remember loving this color and wearing it every day for awhile.

8. Too Faced Bon Bon- Part of the reason I bought the Semi-Sweet palette. But unfortunately this never looks nice on my eye. The quality just isn't there!

9. Too Faced Caramel- Another I wasn't to pleased with. It's another orange gold color. But I have others that are similar and are much better quality.

10. Too Faced Jer Jer- This is a lovely orange gold. Kind of what I hoped some of the metallics in the Semi-Sweet palette would be

11. Urban Decay Half-Baked- I stayed away from this for years convinced I didn't like it. But lately I've been finding some combinations with it that I really love! It's a super pigmented gold with a hint of copper to it.

12. Urban Decay Strike- This is from the Vice 2 Palette. It's not as pigmented or vibrant as other Urban Decay shades. I don't really reach for it much.

13. Urban Decay Disco- This is a super glittery gold shade. I wore it once- and for some reason can't remember how it looked. I had to use my finger to swipe this because the brush wasn't picking up the glitter!

14. Urban Decay Blitz- A dirty gold shade. But still not to different from most other golds in my collection.

All swatches done without primer with a brush.

I just realized looking back through my colors that there are some I have forgotten to swatch. You know those colors that don't immediately jump out at you as a certain shade. Like MAC Woodwinked. It's a gold-brown shade, but I didn't include it. I guess it will have to go with the browns!

This is random but today I made pizza. I made the dough from scratch which I had no idea how easy it was. I even added some fresh basil and thyme. It came out amazing. I've been hiding talents from myself....Check it out!