Thursday, April 14, 2016

Pink Eyeshadow Collection/Swatches

I don't like pink. Mostly because when I was younger whenever we would talk about favorite colors, every girl picked pink, no exceptions. I just didn't get the obsession. So I picked purple. And then later on changed to orange. So while I don't get the love for the color pink, I do love pink eyeshadow. I just think it looks pretty nice with my coloring. Well, most pinks. 

So let the swatching commence.

1. Make Up Forever n75- This is listed as a blush but sold as an eyeshadow. I think because it has pigments not approved for eye use, but I use it on my eyes anyway. It's from the old line and it's more pink than I'll ever need in a lifetime. It's a really nice, pigmented, bright pink.

2. Smashbox Pastel- A very light baby pink that doesn't show up as pink on me as if would on someone with lighter skin. I could do without it.

3. Smashbox Framboise- A raspberry pink. I like this one. It has a great texture compared to comparable shades in my collection. 

4. Smashbox Babycakes- I've never actually used this shadow. It's very easy to overlook. It's a baby pink with some shimmer. It looks like it might actually show up baby pink on my eyes. I think I'll try it out tomorrow.

5. Urban Decay Savage- Another one that isn't approve for eye use. I tend to reach for the Make Up Forever over this. That one is darker and the texture is better. But this is a nice one too!

6. Urban Decay Fast Ball- I wore this for the first time yesterday. It almost appears to be a duo chrome but I don't think it is. The texture sucks. But if you pack it on with a finger and a brush it looks so pretty!

7. Urban Decay 1985- Another one I don't like the texture of but I haven't actually used it on my eyes so I'm hoping it applies better than it swatches. It a nice raspberry color with some blue tone to it.

8. MAC Coral- I think this is more pink than orange and the perfect shade to get if you can't get your hand on the Too Faced Peach palette. You have to build it up but I love this eyeshadow!

9. Too Faced So Cal- I'm hoping I change my mind on this shadow. I don't really like it. It's a baby pink with shimmer but doesn't go on my eyes that way. Probably nicer on lighter skin tones.

10. Too Faced Strawberry Bon Bon- My least favorite color in the Too Faced Chocolate Bar. Not as pigmented as it should be.

11. Urban Decay Coax- I don't have any other pink like this. I really like it, but definitely needs a primer!

12. Urban Decay X-Rated- Another light pink, I have way to many...they don't really stand out from one another on my skin tone. Maybe I'll use them as a brow highlight shade?

13. Urban Decay Toxic- I've heard this is a dupe for MAC Expensive Pink. I really like this color and have been saving it...but I think I need to wear it more often. I can always pick up Expensive Pink once I finish it, right?

14. Urban Decay- I really liked this when I first tried it, but the texture is very powdery and hard to build up. It almost has subtle gold duo-chrome.

15. Urban Decay Junkshow- I love this color, but it took some time for me to love it. The texture is kind of hard to work with, almost like a cheap bronzer. But I find if I use a MAC 217 and just blend this color all over the lid I end up with a pretty pink lid. It's always the color I'm drawn to in the VICE LTD palette.

I have once more pink color but it's nearly impossible to swatch. It's pink sugar from the Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar from Too Faced. It's basically just pressed glitter and looks nice pressed over certain looks but it's almost impossible to swatch. 

All swatches done with a brush without primer.

So there you have it, all my pink shadows! I have considerably less of this than any color. I tend to love darker pinks though so I think I might try some of the lighter pinks one of these days.

Do you wear pink shadow? What's your favorite pink?