Saturday, May 14, 2016

Funfetti Sugar Cookies

I have a couple of go to cookie recipes, but it certainly wouldn't hurt for me to add a couple more recipes to it. One of my favorite cookies from box mix are the funfetti sugar cookies. Normally I hate pre-packaged cookies, I've been spoiled by homemade cookies way too often. But there is something about those funfetti ones. So I tried to make them myself. 

I found the base recipe from the Let's Eat Fiction blog. I really wanted to try out the cookie recipe, and while I think the idea of shaping them like zombie ears is fun, I know when it comes down to it I wouldn't want to eat it. So I just added sprinkles to it for some "funfetti".

The base cookie recipe is good..but not exceptional. I love that is has cream cheese in it because I've never tried it in cookies. Pound cake is a different story. My go to pound cake recipe uses cream cheese.  was a little disappointed because my sprinkles didn't do what the ones in the box did. 

The cookies were good, but not really one I would add to my go to cookie recipe book- unless if I were making Christmas cookies. Which I don't really make.

Click here for the recipe I used and to check out those zombie ears!