Saturday, June 11, 2016

Makeup: Made in China??

Ever since I learned about the quality gap that exists between MACs regular line of brushes and the holiday ones made in China, I've started paying more attention to where makeup it made. Whenever possible I choose to support things made in the USA over imported. 

Lately, the Becca Cosmetic company has come over a lot of fire for the Becca X Jaclyn Hill collaboration. Personally I'm not a fan of Jaclyn Hill or her makeup- a statement that makes a lot of people want to attack you on social media these days. To be honest I'm not a fan of most beauty influencers and would probably never purchase a collaboration product between the two. Becca's makeup is usually produced in the USA with their signature Becca formula. The formula is completely different, and many people noticed and complained. The ingredients in the face palette and the single highlighter also differ. In my opinion, it was done intentionally on both parts in order to maximize profits, which is the goal for corporate businesses and greedy individulas. That's just how it is. I understand from a business perspective. But I'm a consumer, and so I will always be on the side of the consumer. Of course you can always return the palette, but their are people that ordered from other countries and payed high shipping prices that can't get their money back, but that's a complete different story entirely.

So the palette was made in China? So what. I don't mind makeup made in China. I have a lot of makeup made in China. For example, my NYX shadows are all made in China. And I really love some of those. But I barely paid three bucks for one of them. China is definitely known for cheap production, which is why many companies outsource there. Of course, there are quality things made in China (my iPhone) so I'm not talking in absolutes. It's just China is known for producing cheaper , sometimes sketchy things.

The only time makeup made in China makes me pause in when it's a higher cost item. I'm not paying $40 for a 5 pan eyeshadow palette made in China. Especially when it's usually made in the USA or an American company (Becca is Australian). And especially when it's not the same quality or formula as what was previously out. 

I believe all of E.L.F is made in China, and it's priced accordingly. Like all brands, E.L.F has it's hits and misses. All of the Revlon and Covergirl I have is made in the USA. It's more expensive than E.LF usually and that may be why. I believe the larger palettes may be made in China though, but don't quote me on that. 

Of course a lot of makeup is made in other countries. I had a Smashbox foundation made in Belgium, all my NARS blushes are made in Canada. A lot of my MAC is made in Canada, which makes sense because MAC is a Canadian brand. Makeup Forever is mostly made in France. Inglot is mostly made in Poland. Most pencil liners/sharpeners are made in Germany and so on and so forth.

I did look through all of my palettes. I have three that were made in China. All three are palettes I don't really like. Especially the Too Faced brow kit, which cost almost $40. The Stila palettes were both $10, which wasn't a terrible price. From what I can tell most of Stilas makeup is made in China. 

I had one palette made in Italy. My other Too Faced palettes were made in the USA. I'm not a fan of the Semi-Sweet chocolate bar. I do love the Too Faced palettes that were made in the USA though. But I've found an overall drop in quality in Too Faced over the years. It used to be better quality. Same can be said for other brands like Urban Decay palettes even though those are still made in the USA. I think social media and the "buy everything" mentality has a lot to do with it. Beauty Influencers push it, people buy it.

And these are my palettes that are made in the USA. Some of it was assembled in Dominican Republic, and some have brushes that were made in China. But the shadows are made here. 

I really wish Sephora and other companies would list where the makeup is made. It can be so hard trying to figure it out. Not everyone has access to the physical store. It would definitely help me to make more informed decisions and I'm sure others too. 

That's just my take on makeup made in China. What do you think?