Tuesday, June 14, 2016

New Workout Program: My Fitness Coach

I've been doing a horrible job of working out. I've been playing Zumba every now and again but there is no substitute for squats and picking up the hand weights. I usually start a new program every couple weeks because I rotate exercise games. It was time to pick up Nike Kinect again, which is a hard program. I really just did not want to do it. So I put it off, and put it off some more. Then the Wii was found. Yes, I still like playing the original Wii!  But it had been lost in the move for over a year. 

Now that its found I thought I would do four weeks of My Fitness Coach. It uses hand weights, a stepper, and a stability ball. All optional, depending on if you have the equipment. I had done about 7 workouts on the game previously. It's mostly like a personalized workout DVD that picks workout based on your fitness level, but it's a lot better because the exercise varies everyday. Plus they have different categories you can select based on what you want to do that day. They have Cardio, Yoga, Upper Body, Lower Body, and flexibility. And you can pick your time, 15, 30, 45 minutes etc

I've already started and done 3 workouts. And I am feeling it. But glad to be really working out again. 

I haven't taken measurements or gotten on the scale in a long time. I might need to do that one of these mornings. I'll definitely update once I've finished the program. Wish me luck!