Saturday, August 6, 2016

Millhouse Candles White Tea and Ginger Lotion Bar

Finally, I got my hands on a solid lotion. I meant to try them when I first got into Lush products a couple years back. I just never got around to it. They can be hard to find, but I did notice my local health grocery store had some. They just happened to ten percent I grabbed one.

Millhouse Candles claims:
White Tea with Ginger: up front you'll have notes of white tea, lemon, ginger & bergamot, followed by rose nutmeg, & geranium; then some musk & berries. Absolutely wonderful!
Our lotion bars are made from all natural ingredients. They may be used daily to moisturize dry and cracked areas all over your body, from head to toe. The oils and butters penetrate deeply into skin within minutes after application. The beeswax seals the moisturizers in, leaving your skin with a soft, smooth feeling.
Great on hands, cuticles, elbows, feet, etc. Try our lotion bar and you'll be pleasantly surprised at how much nicer your skin feels after only several applications.
By applying our lotion bar to your feet, the beeswax will actually coat and seal your foot, so that you won't experience that skid in the shower or tub the next morning.
In addition, we have found that our lotion bar will not stain clothing, sheets, pillow cases, or other linens.
Our attractive honeybee lotion bar is packaged in a 2 1/2" round tin.

I ended up paying around $4.50 for 1.2 ounces. Not the cheapest lotion but I liked the ingredients. 

The scent is White Tea and Ginger and I can tell you I'm not the biggest fan of it. It kind of smells like tea, but the ginger just falls flat. And since it's made with natural, local beeswax it does have a strong beeswax scent, which I don't mind. I just don't think the two scents compliment each other that well. I can smell it a little bit after I apply but it doesn't stick around long. This one is scented with a fragrance oil, but they do offer some scented with essential oils. 

The bar was surprisingly more firm than I expected. It doesn't melt easily which I think will help it last longer. But at the same time it makes it a little harder to apply. It definitely takes a little more time than an oil or light lotion to apply. Sometimes I don't mind, but other people might.

It does feel hydrating on the skin but not very heavy. It definitely absorbs quickly and then it feels your skin it just naturally hydrated and soft. It's great on feet, elbows, knees etc. 

And the bee design is super cute although after a couple uses it disappears. 

I feel like it's made my skin softer overall and better able to hold moisture with just a few uses. I've been rotating it with my own DIY Cocoa Butter lotion and scented oils just to make the bar last a little longer. 

The ingredients are exactly what I like to see. Oils and waxes I can pronounce and feel are safe for my skin.

Beeswax, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Sweet AlmondOil, Fragrance

Overall, I really like it and would purchase again. Just not in this scent. I'm going to keep trying them until I find one with a scent I love. If you aren't concerned with the scent, I would definitely reccomend just because of how great it makes your skin feel. 

They have a website where they sell lotion bars and beeswax candles. Check them out!