Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Zum Bar Clove Mint Goat's Milk Soap

I haven't written a post in forever, and today I'm getting back in the swing of blogging. But before I get started let's just all take a second to appreciate these ladies at the Olympics. Magnificent, Amazing, Spectacular, all those words can be used to describe them and many more. 
But back to the soap....

Zum Bar claims:
  • Mysterious, seductive, and sultry clove joins parties with spearmint's pristine scent. It's a duo that balances the other in symmetrical seduction.

So without a doubt, this is my favorite Zum Bar. An odd combination, because who would ever think to mix a spice with mint? Not me. Although mint does go with a large amount of scents. I'm not usually a big fan of mint soaps since they tend to smell kind of like toothpaste. Not this. It's a perfect scent to shower with because of how uplifting, freshening, and energizing it is. And this soap is all that with a little bit of clove scent to give it some interest and spice. It lingers on the very edge of the mint and I LOVE it. The first day I used it I did not want to get out the shower. Just lather and lather and lather....forever and always. Strong enough to smell in the shower but doesn't really linger much.

Speaking of lather, it's very nice. Rich, thick, creamy, and cleansing. 

The best's not drying. At all.

It's a 3 ounce bar. I did weight it and it came in at 3.4. So you get a little extra free. I bought mine on sale for almost $4. They are usually a bit more but it was on sale. Lucky me!

The soap like all Zum Bars is very nice looking. It has swirls of green and brown. A little different from soap bars you would typically find in the grocery store. 

The only downside is how fast it seems to get used up. I really wish it would last longer. I get about two weeks...maybe a bit more.

I like the ingredients...but the "goat's milk base" always throws me off. What's in the "base'? Otherwise, it's all natural (as far as I can see) and scented with essential oil.


A favorite. Definitely my favorite from the soaps I've tried from the company. And if you are mint soap fan this is a must try. A million times better than any of Lush's mint soap I've tried. And I've tried a few.