Sunday, August 21, 2016

My Favorite Makeup Resources

Make up can be quite intimidating to learn. How do you match foundation, contour, add blush, attach false lashes, get the perfect summer bronzer, create glowy skin? The questions never end. But there are definitely a lot of places to get answers. These are my favorite!

1. Books- Can't go wrong with books. I have a couple and love the ones I have. I felt like I learned a lot from reading just one that I have watching hours and hours and youtube. Sure, it's always nice to have a video tutorial but having solid info in a book can't be beat. Some of my favorites include Face Paint by Lisa Eldridge and Making Faces by Kevyn Aucoin.

2. Makeup Addiction Reddit- I check this out most for beauty news. And the Makeup Discussion is even better. Some posters have posted things that really made me think about the constant consumerism that the beauty industry pushes amongst other things. Sometimes it's nice to read a variety of opinions on all thing beauty.

3. Youtube- This one is obvious. I have a couple favorites: Lisa Eldridge, Jordan Liberty, and brands that do helpful tutorials like NARS etc. But be careful because youtube can have you looking a mess if you follow the wrong people. Or maybe not if you like the heavy looks that are popular now. Just depends on your preference.  It's helpful for product reviews and tutorials especially!

4. Makeup 411- Want to know what your favorite celeb wore in a movie? You may be able to find it on here. I wish it had a better search function, but it's fun to check out.

5. MakeupAlley- If I want to read a review, I check here first. Sponsorships and free products have made it hard to trust popular youtubers. And I like being able to search for people that have similar complexion or skin type to me. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to have as many reviewers as it had in years past, but it's still worth checking.
EDIT- Forgot to add this one, but I often lurk Keven James Bennet's IN MY KIT group. I've found out a ton reading his posts and other posters that you can't find elsewhere. He really does have a lot of great information so it's worth joining the group. Also, I love the discussion that often come up concerning the way of the beauty industry now! Great resource! 

And don't forget Temptalia for swatches. I wish she had swatches on different skin tones but it is what it is.

I think that about wraps it up! What are some of your favorite resources? Let me know in the comments!

Oh yeah, I posted a couple amazing Olympians and needed to add these incredible ladies! They did their thang. And I heard one of them is a Hamptonian! Go ladies! Go ladies!

And can't forget Usain- he's fast! And this picture cracks me up every time.