Tuesday, May 3, 2016

My Favorite Makeup Artists to Watch on Youtube

How did people learn how to do makeup before youtube? I bought my first makeup around the sixth grade. It was a powdery lilac shadow from the Jane line. I had that and a berry lipstick. I have no idea if I wore the shadow though and I really hope I didn't. It was hard figuring out exactly how to wear it because I knew no one in real life that wore colored eyeshadow. I remember studying teen magazines and reading different articles about makeup but it took me awhile to really branch out. I started wearing mascara in middle school, and foundation and eyeshadow in high school. I didn't find makeup tutorials until around 2008 and would watch a few when I had time through the years. I learned very little, until I found my favorites. And since I've started watching them, I've learned so much that I wanted to share my faves.

1. Lisa Eldridge- It took me awhile to find her channel and I really wish I had found it sooner. I only found out about it because I heard her name mentioned constantly in different beauty forums I would visit. Eventually I just had to check her out, and I'm so glad I did! I've watched every video she has uploaded on her youtube channel and some multiple times. Her knowledge of makeup is incredible and her passion is even more amazing. One of the best things I've learned on her channel is how to appreciate all features. I believe everyone is beautiful, but not every face has features that appeal to me. Or so I thought. Somehow, Lisa Eldridge works her magic and I'm left wondering why I couldn't see how beautiful the face she worked on was in the first place. She does it without changing any features on the model's face (no excessive contouring or masking with makeup!). She is very generous with her tips and knowledge and has featured videos of women with all different skin tones and features. She also features a variety of videos with everything from Asian vs.Western beauty trends to the history of eye kohl, the best tips for picking out your perfect foundation, and excellent videos on icons like Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, and Tippi Hedren. All of this while being the creative director of Lancome, doing Fashion Shows, writing her book, making videos, etc. I think she must be Superwoman!

I got her book for my birthday this year and it's a must read for any makeup lover. Especially if you love learning about the history of makeup like I do!

 I , along with nine other lovely ladies, recently won a contest she held and I received the House of Eldridge Candle from Lola James Harper. It smells incredible! The first thing my sister asked when I told her was "Are you gonna burn it?" I want to, just because I want to smell it though the whole room, but then again I want to save it forever- I'll probably save it. And I also received a note with her signature. It will live inside the book forever!  Love it, Love it, Love it! 
All those amazing looks! 

2. Mary Greenwell- I learned about Mary Greenwell from Lisa Eldridge. Mary Greenwell is incredible to watch. She doesn't have a youtube channel, but if you search her name there are two channels that have quite a few videos featuring her. The makeup magic doesn't happen until she puts on her glasses. I love when those glasses come out. She just does a little bit here and a little there and next thing you know it you have flawless skin with lovely makeup. And what's really amazing is I've seen her do smoky eyes with one flat brush. How does she blend it? I still don't know. She's a one brush wonder! The only thing I wish is that there was more variety in the ages and skin tones of the women. It always seems like they get the exact same type of model and it would be nice to see her work on more diverse women. 

3. Robert Jones- I found his video when I was looking for more information on Color Theory. I still struggle to match my blush to the rest of my face makeup without looking clownish and I thought learning more about Color Theory would help. His video and some further research has helped me a lot. I do really like to watch him work and I have seen most of his videos. His videos are pretty old because his channel hasn't been active for awhile. I wish he had more diversity in his models and also more diversity with his looks. He tends to do the beige/white shimmer on the lid and mid-tone on the crease all the time! Also he tends to not share the specific products he is using and I know that can be just a tad bit frustrating for some people. I know he has a couple books too and I think I might check them out one day too.

I feel like my makeup has been looking so much better and even lasting longer since I've started to watch actual artists. Plus I just love observing the different techniques used to make a product last longer or perform better.