Sunday, September 18, 2016

Shopping My Stash: Tom Ford Cocoa Mirage Eyeshadow Palette

Hope everyone is having a great Sunday! I've been cooking. Frozen Strawberry Grape Smoothie. Coconut Milk pancakes (made with homemade coconut milk!), and later on I'm going to try my hand at making Cannoli. 

And of course, I've been playing in eyeshadow. I've heard great things about the uber expensive Tom Ford palettes. But $82 for four eyeshadows is probably not something I will ever be able to swing. And not to mention I'm on a very long eyeshadow no buy. So I thought it would be fun to try and dupe the palette.

I did my best to match after looking at swatches on google. About three of the shadows seem to be duped easily enough by the Too Faced Chocolate Bar- although I did pull one of the colors from an old Vice palette I could have used White Chocolate in the Chocolate Bar. I wasn't really thinking. I pulled the last color from the Too Faced Semi-Sweet and did an easy everyday look.

The light color I used is Anonymous from Vice LTD. I don't really like colors like this, it's not something that would make me want the palette. The only way I use it is as brow highlight. The next shade is a mix of Semi-Sweet and Milk Chocolate. The next shade I used as a dupe is also from the Chocolate Bar, Amaretto. Amaretto might be a little too red but it was close enough for me. The last shade I pulled from Too Faced Semi-Sweet, it was the Cocoa Chili Shade.

I used Anonymous as a brow highlight. Threw the Semi-Sweet/Milk Chocolate mix in the crease. Put Amaretto all over the lid, the pigmentation on it could be better. Mine seems to have hard pan or something. And darker a smudge using Cocoa Chili in the crease. 

Overall, a simple look that I really like. I probably could have smudged it up with some liner for a smokier look. 

Would I buy this palette (if I magically had the $82)? Probably not. I feel like the colors are pretty dupable, and I'm happy with the dupes in my collection. Keep in mind I have never seen the palette in person. 

I had fun though, I think I might try to dupe all the palettes and see what I come up with. 

'Scuse the scarf!