Monday, October 24, 2016

MAC Goldmine Eyeshadow Review

So I've started watching American Horror Story Hotel. I didn't marathon it like I planned this weekend because it took awhile for me to get into it. I had to watch the first episode twice because i kept zoning out. The show does a lot purely for shock value, and it seems super obvious this season. That plus I'm not very into Lady Gaga's acting. She's not the worst actress, but she's not as good as some of the actors that have been on the show. And I really miss Jessica Lange. I wish she would come back to the show. I think I'll watch another episode though...after I write this review!

MAC claims:
A highly pigmented powder that applies evenly and blends well. Available in a wide variety of textures and finishes.

I did a review on this eyeshadow a couple years ago, but I thought I might pull it out and do another one. Why not? I picked my MAC shadows to review next because they recently dropped in price from $10 to $6 for the pro pan. I have a palette of a couple MAC shadows, but I find I never reach for them, just because they were pretty pricey when I got some of mine. So I have a "save it forever mentality". This one I actually got as a gift! I was completely shocked when I opened it....and very happy because until I got them I had only tried out a lipstick palette (another gift!).

I actually got mine in the regular packaging, but I depotted it into a palette a couple years back. I like them better in palettes as opposed to singles!

MAC eyeshadows tend to be a bit dryer and this particular one can take some building up until you have a full on gold. I kind of like that because I feel it's a little more versatile in ways you can wear it.  Plus I find when I layer a shadow in thin layers it helps it last longer on my oily lids. Without primer I would say I get around 6 hours. So to get a full day a primer is definitely necessary. With a good one, I find it can last and look the same from application to when I take it off.

The color is a very yellow gold with a very tame shimmer. MAC describes it as an intense gold shimmer (Frost formula). 

It kind of reminds me of when I used to live in Turkey when I waslittle and my parents would go to the jewelry store and buy gold because it was very reasonable priced. Good ol' Turkey!

It really is a pretty gold, it just doesn't suit me all that well. Although I have seen it look stunning on others. For some reason I don't look very good in yellow gold shadows. It has to have a hint of orange or copper or brown. Anything besides yellow. I don't touch it much for that reason. But I do like it as an inner corner highlight when I'm doing shimmery brown eyeshadow looks. And maybe as a base to warm up some cooler colors I don't like.

Urban Decay Half-Baked, MAC Goldmine, Urban Decay Strike

Would I repurchase (even though it was a gift!)? Nah, I have a lot of golds already to get through, and since they don't look that great on me there's no real reason to. I would reccomend it though if you like a drier formula in eyeshadows and yellow golds look nice on you. 
Urban Decay Dark Horse on lid, NYX Peach Bronze patted over, Mac Goldmine inner corners.