Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Shopping My Stash: Tom Ford Orchid Haze

I have been having a crazy week. My camera died...after ten years. And I'm so sad about it. It was a Casio Exilim. Which they don't really sell in the US anymore, I was going to buy one to replace the one I had...immediately. For now I will have to make do with my camera phone (still love my actual camera more...RIP camera!). And I've been having the customer service week from hell. I can't put into words how much I hate Comcast...and I just had to put Sur La Table on my list of companies I will never purchase from again. Luckily, I got my money back from the best bank ever (USAA). But I'm rambling. 

Back to this "series", where I try to dupe the super expensive Tom Ford palettes. I've done two so far, and based on my dupes I don't want any of them. Along with the latest I tried to dupe, Orchid Haze.

I can't speak to the quality of the shadows, but the colors are something I would never go for, especially not at their $82 price tag. Did they go up? I thought they were eighty before. No matter, I'm not buying anyway.

I'm a big fan of purple. But a good purple is hard to find. I have a couple I love. And without seeing the colors I was pretty excited to try duping it until I googled pictures of the shades. ONE purple in a palette called orchid haze. I was picturing something like....

Maybe with a darker purple. a glittery purple. Something more exciting then one purple shade and a bunch of white-ish blah colors. Ok, ok they aren't as whitish from the pics on google, but on my skin-tone they would be. 

I tried to dupe it anyway. I pulled out an old smash box palette. And got to mixing. Because I was being lazy and the pale colors weren't particularly inspiring 

I mixed Smashbox Royal and Cabernet together to get a duller purple. It was OK. Not as dull and uninspiring as Tom Fords...haha. The second shade was supposed to be the pinker leaning shade. I used Smashbox Fizz for it. The third shade is probably the best in the bunch, a neutral light shade with more brown. My dupe wasn't that great. I mixed Smashbox Juniper/Sable, and Fizz. It didn't fit too well with my purple smoke. And the last shade was Smashbox Totally Nude and Fizz mixed together. 

And I came up with a decent purple smokey eye with some of the lighter shades smudged over it.

My final thoughts: Would never buy this palette. Not even for $20. But as always, was fun to try and dupe. 

Hoping the next palette has better shades. But not feeling to optimistic about it!