Friday, March 24, 2017

Blue Velvet Cake

Cake, Cake, Cake, Cake, Cake.

For a self-proclaimed baker, I really haven't made very many cakes. Mainly for birthdays. And that's all. So I was kind of excited when this recipe came up on my list. Only the original cake was actually a box cake and the special part was the decorations. It was a corpse bride cake. I'm not really one for highly decorated cake. I would rather put my time and energy into making my cake from scratch. So I just googled and came across a Blue Velvet cake recipe that looked pretty good.

Blue Velvet. I know Red Velvet cake. My grandma made those. And I really love Red Velvet Cake. But only certain ones. Most people don't get the flavor right for some odd reason. And forget mass produced Red Velvet. They get it wrong every time. And how? All red velvet really is, is a hint of chocolate. I remember when I was younger I really could not figure out what the heck red velvet was. I mean...theres no such thing as a "red velvet". Not like figuring out what a coconut, strawberry or pineapple cake was. I don't think I figured it out until a couple years ago actually.

But anyway, back to the blue. Blue Velvet is pretty much identical to Red Velvet, except this cake might be a little sweeter than Red Velvet. And instead of red, you use blue food coloring. I typically try to avoid food coloring...but once in awhile it's OK. The blue came out beautiful.

But let me tell you, what goes in blue...will come out blue. And while the cake was delicious, moist, hint of chocolate, just all around good, I don't think I will make it again because the blue did not particularly agree with me. I had to use a lot of blue. And a little black.

As for the icing, I made it almost according to directions. I left out the marshmallows, because I made marshmallows, only they didn't set up because I forgo to add cream of tarter into my sugar syrup, so I didn't end up using them. And I drastically cut down on the sugar-because I hate super sweet icing. 

But I did add the toasted coconut and pecans. So yum. The red velvet recipe my grandma makes doesn't have coconut. And it's a yummy addition. Really. 

Overall, great recipe. So happy I made it. But probably would skip making it again because the blue food coloring is just too much for me to handle.

Also...this cake freezes beautifully. So theres that. I saved some for my sister in the freezer because she wasn't home, and for some reason it was more moist after freezing. 

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