Saturday, March 4, 2017

Vitamix Frozen Strawberry Grape Smoothie


 I made this before my Vitamix jar cracked on me. I've had it for over two years and part of the reason I bought it was because of their warranty- which they stand by for seven whole years! I don't think I've ever had such great customer servie- now comes the hard part, waiting for it to get to me.  I can't wait for it to come because I need my smoothies- I have spinach and frozen fruit on deck- just ready to get thrown into my smoothies. And speaking of smoothies- this is one you need to try!

I love anything strawberry. Real strawberry not artificial. And this smoothie has the realest strawberry flavor I've ever tasted. Makes trying all these smoothies worth it! The recipe in the book I have is a little different from the one they have posted online. That one had watermelon- mine doesn't. 

All you need are: 1 cup green grapes (they add a bit of tartness!), 1 cups red grapes, 1 cups frozen strawberries, and 1/2 cup ice cubes. Blend them up and you have the best strawberry drink ever!

No sugar necessary. I'm spoiled forever from my Vitamix. No grocery store smoothie will do. 

This is one I will make again and again and I need to pin to my pinterest favorites board. Actually I need to go back and add a couple recipes because I haven't updated that in awhile.

Definitely add this to the list of summer smoothies to try- and if you love it as much as I do- let me know!