Saturday, March 4, 2017

Crafter's Choice Pumpkin Seed Oil (Facial Oil)

This is an oil I bought when I was trying to formulate my own conditioners. I originally intended to use it in my hair, but ended up using more of them as facial oils. I've tried a couple different oils now on the face including Tamanu, Rosehip Seed, Argan, Walnut Oil, Jojoba, and now Pumpkin. And I have to say I think Pumpkin has been my favorite for oily skin. Jojoba being a close second.

Pumpkin Seed Oil claims:
Considered to provide moisturizing properties to dry and damaged skin due to its high levels of Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids. Makes an excellent addition to massage oils. 
This particular oils origin is China.

There used to be time when I would never put oil in my face. Now a couple years later I can't wait to try them all!  I thought oil would break me out, my my skin a grease ball, and just be an overall terrible experience. I would avoid oil and just moisturizer in general. What a long way I've come! 

I paid around 2-3 dollars for 2 ounces. Not a terrible price- actually quite good. The best oils are cold pressed and unrefined. And I don't think this is either. Most cosmetic wholesalers don't seem to list it very plainly- at least not that I can see. The expeller pressed and refined stuff lasts a little longer and you don't have to store it in the refrigerator- although that would prolong the shelf life. 

It doesn't really have a scent. Besides oily? And the texture is like any other oil.

What I love about it is how fast it absorbs. And my skin just looks really "healthy" and sometimes I get a glow out of this world-I think it's a combo of green smoothies and this oil though to be honest. 

I'm not sure if my oily skin has just up and walked out the door, but I'm not an oil slick by the end of the day. My skin is oily even in cold conditions sometimes. And especially with the foundation I was using which definitely caused my skin to look oily since it was a little too hydrating for me. Not with this. And it absorbs beautifully. I don't have to wait long to go in with foundation.

So it doesn't cause my skin to be oily-but what about dryness? I've been known to get dry patches around my cheek/chin area, especially in Winter. And I've had not even one. So it keeps my oily skin at bay, and also keeps my would-be dry patches in check. 

It's full of good for your skin stuff, and I'm sure it helps with aging and skin health etc. I can't say after using it a couple months it's helping with aging- but I certainly don't look any older since using it. I trust oils and Shea Butter to do their job over anything they market as anti-aging that was made in a lab- but I won't really know until I'm a lot older. 

As for a comparison to Jojoba - Jojoba oil was a great oil choice for me and helped with oil-but not as much as this pumpkin oil has. I still love Jojoba. And I have a little bit left. I may try mixing it with this and seeing how that works on my skin. 

If you have oily skin- this is worth checking out! If you have dry skin- this is worth checking out.

I'm going to need another bottle when this one runs out. It's so good, I'm not even sure I will ever find something else to top it.

Have you tried Pumpkin Seed oil? Or any facial oils? Let me know in the comments!