Sunday, March 12, 2017

Tisserand Lavender Essential Oil

I don't think I've ever reviewed an essential oil. Awhile back I did a collection post and showed all the oils I have. One of my must have oils- Lavender. There are all types of brands and types of Lavender. So I figured why not do a review? The only other Lavender I've had before this was by a brand called Now. I bought it off Amazon- because we lived in Germany at the time and I had no idea where to find pure essential oils. I wish I had done a review of it. It's been a couple years since I had it. I don't remember much about it, except it was a different scent than the one I have now.

Tisserand claims:
lavandula angustifolia 
Ethically harvested
Distilled from the flowers grown in France, Lavender is a light, clean and refreshing oil with a herby floral aroma. 
Ideal in massage or the bath to soothe the skin and calm the mind. 
Blends well with BergamotClary Sage and Geranium
Before using essential oils, please read the Essential Oil Safety information. You will find this on the leaflet inside the oil carton.

My knowledge on essential oils is...kinda limited. I know a few things, flipped through a couple books, but there's a lot to know. I do know Lavender is the oil you want if you need to destress, and it helps promote sleep. Previously I was not the biggest fan of Lavender. But actual Lavender essential oil is different from a lot of fake fragrance oils in most products. It's a scent that has definitely grown on me.

Now I don't want to go without it. I use it in body oils, face oils, and just like to inhale the scent whenever.  This particular one is French Lavender. I find it to have a mellowness to it, not present in other Lavenders. But also something sharp- almost ammonia like.

And I like this Lavender but I find other Lavenders to have a better effect at getting me to sleep than French Lavender. Which I'm not sure why that is.

Other ways I use it is just mix it with some water and spritz it around to have my whole place smelling Lavender fresh. I don't even bother with commercial air freshers. Sometimes I spike facial oils and foundations with it. And since I'm always burning myself in the kitchen I will grab some of this and put it on a burn, which makes it hurt a little less and the scaring is not as bad as it would have been if I had not used this. A diffuser is another way to get the scent dispersed for aromatherapy-but I don't own one, and I prefer to just rub the oil directly on me for those type of benefits. One more use is in the bathrub- I just mix this into a carrier oil and swirl it in the tub after the water is done running.

There are probably a million other uses for it, I probably only scratched the surface here.

Overall, this is a nice smelling Lavender, and if I needed another French Lavender, I would pick this up again. But I will probably still try a couple other brands just to get some really good comparisons going. 

Bonus is it's ethically harvested. Not many oils tell you much about how it's harvested so that's nice.

Do you like Lavender Oil- have a favorite? Let me know in the comments!