Sunday, March 12, 2017

Nature's Garden Shea Butter

God bless Facebook! I mostly get on Facebook to watch those little short cooking clips. I've never made anything off those clips, but that doesn't stop me from watching them all the time. The only other thing I get on Facebook for is to be nosy. Except earlier, I was just browsing through and my crush from college just pops in my feed. Talk about fine. Still fine. Tall, dark, and handsome. Again, god bless Facebook! And just to relate this to my actual post...God Bless Shea butter too. I haven't been without Shea Butter since I first tried it a couple years ago. And when I started blogging I wanted to have a review on Shea Butters from all different places. Like a Shea Butter review directory. That didn't happen. I've tried Shea Butter from two different companies (or three) and that's about it.

Natures'  Garden claims:
Shea butter is moisturizing and nourishing to the skin.  When used in soap making, shea butter will add a wonderful creamy lather, great conditioning properties, and some hardness to your soap. Shea butter is used in lip balms, lip gloss, soaps, lotions, scrubs, and other bath and body products

I got this awhile back for about $6 for 12 ounces. Not a bad price at all. I only like unrefined so I bought the unrefined, but they also sell it refined for those that would prefer it that way. It comes packaged in a bag, I just re-homed it in an old jar to make it easier to use and to keep it fresher.

This Shea Butter is waxy and almost like the texture of refined Shea Butter. It doesn't smell as smoky/shea buttery as some of the other stuff I've come across, and it's a pale yellow as opposed to beige or off white, or straight up yellow like most other Shea Butter I've come across. It's also very soft. Even in Winter which makes it easier to work with than a lot of others I've come across. 

There's also a bit of grit to it. Nothing too bad- nothing like Now Shea Butter (the worst!) I've had previously. Definitely workable. And I could probably melt it down and get rid of the grit if I was so inclined.

It's pretty hydrating. And seems to absorb in about ten minutes or so. It's good on lips, elbows, knees, feet, face, everywhere. You can add it to the bath, and mix it into your lotions, hair butters, etc

That being said, this is not my favorite Shea Butter. It's like you can tell it was machined as opposed to other methods of making Shea Butter. It does all the job that Shea Butter can do, but I just don't feel like the results are as great as Shea Butter from other sources. 

In a pinch, this will do.  But I think there is a better butter out there for me...and I will keep trying them all and hopefully will have something to recommend. I used to love Shea Butter from Afrikan Republic, but I'm unhappy with the prices so no longer order from them. I'm thinking of trying Alaffia Shea Butter next , so keep an eye out for that review!

What's your favorite source for Shea Butter? How do you use it? Let me know in the comments!