Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Afghan Potato Soup (Shorwa-E-Piawa)

Two soups in a row. Two vegan soups in a row to be specific. I was ind of sad because this was the last soup recipe on the website I've been getting all the afghan soup recipes from. I loved almost all of them I've tried so far. And the best thing is how easy they all were. Especially this one.

This recipe is just oil (olive oil), onions, potatoes, turmeric, salt, pepper, and fresh coriander.

I loved it. Except the coriander/cilantro. I hate cilantro. But I almost always add it to my recipes. Just in case I like it. Cilantro has a lot of health benefits after all. But no matter what I can't get with the taste. So I loved this soup with the exception of the cilantro and will be sure to make it again, without it.

The crazy thing is I ran out last minute while I was making the soup to specifically get the cilantro I had forgotten. Only me.

I always go into these recipes thinking I need stock. Veggie Stock, Chicken Stock, something. But these recipes almost always prove me wrong. They always come out perfectly flavorful- just make sure to add in enough pepper- I always go hard on the pepper! 

Anyway, a super easy, very healthy, simply soup. 

I loved this potato soup and will be adding it to my pinterest board because I will be making it again. Especially if I find myself with a lot of potatoes on hand to use up.