Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Project Pan #16

Been awhile since I've done one of these. But it's the usually story. I haven't really been wearing much makeup. I just can't seem to get a move on it in the morning. So that just leaves enough time to slap on some mascara and foundation in like two minutes before I rush out the door. But I'm hoping the spring weather will get me motivated again. 

So let's see where I'm at. 

1. Urban Decay Naked- It's going. Ever so slowly. I find this one to be really packed in there so it's taking longer. But as you can see....progress. I've just been using this one as a brow highlighter lately. It's subtle,  a little bit cooler than I like but it will do. Just until I use it up. 

2. Too Faced Sun Bunny- I always forget I'm trying to use this up. So not too much progress. If I could stick with it, it would be gone in no time though. I need to get on that.

Forgot to take the pic-and too lazy to go do it! No progress anyway.

3. Too Faced Brow Kit- Still hate it. Still going to use it up. Somehow, someway. I used it yesterday. So now I've used it like once the in past two months. Any progress...is good progress. 

4. NYX Minimalism- Almost done with this. So close. I slap this on in the am some mornings. When it's right in from of my face. It will be gone before I know it. I'll be glad when it's done....

.Right before I went to take the pic it smashed into the cap. Bummer.

5. NYX Peach Bronze- I don't have a progress picture, but this one is coming along nicely. It was a lot fuller than this. On the days I do wear eyeshadow this is the one I go for. I just layer it with some other browns/bronze so I don't get too tired of the color. It goes very well with Dark Horse in the Urban Decay naked palette.

AND LAST- I did finish something. I finished up my Bobbi Brown foundation. I'm happy to see it go because I was sick of using it. I dug up a Smahsbox powder foundation so I will be giving that a go for the next couple months and hopefully will have a review up soon! 

So that's about it. I won't add anything more because I already know five is a bit much at the moment for me to use up, so I don't want to add a ton more and just quit!

Are you project panning? How is it coming along for you?