Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Little Birds With Orange Sauce (Hunger Games Recipe)

Not little bird. A big bird. This recipe was supposed to be inspired by The Hunger Games Catching Fire. I really love those books (and the movie!). And I'm pretty sure she went in depth with the food descriptions but I can't really remember them. I should probably read the books again.....

Anyway, this recipe was supposed  to use Cornish Hens. I have never made Cornish Hens, and I don't think I probably ever will. They just seem so small and while cute, they seem like more work than I want to do. So I just bought a whole chicken.

I've only ever roasted an entire chicken once. But I love it. It's very easy and it just looks super impressive. 

I got the recipe from Let's Eat Fiction...in case you want to check it out yourself. 

I just took a whole chicken and stuffed an orange, onion, and fresh thyme inside.Then I rubbed it down with chicken seasoning and salt. I forgot the bay leaves. Whoops. I always have to leave at least one ingredient out completely.

Then I made the sauce- butter, sugar made brown with some molasses, honey, fresh blended whole orange, and rosemary. And wow. The sauce was amazing. I never knew how well orange and rosemary went together but wow!

Then came the fun part of roasting and basting it every now and again.

This chicken was so good. And bonus was a lot of the sauce ended up in the bottom of the pan, so I used that to make orange glazed veggies and they were basically the best veggies I've ever had in my life. 

In conclusion, I loved this recipe. And I am saving it, because it's  great, and if I ever need a roasted chicken recipe that I know will be good, this is what I'm going for.