Monday, May 15, 2017

How to Get Rid of Hard Pan on Blush, Foundation, Eye Shadow Etc.

I don't think I've ever experienced hard pan on any of my products until I bought a NARS blush. Those blushes aren't cheap. So I was really surprised to find my brush just wasn't picking up the blush like it was supposed to. Most of my NARS blushes are really soft, easy to blend, create the prettiest glowy look with just a dab. But I have two that give may problems...Coeur Battant and Lovejoy. 
 NARS Lovejoy Before

I use clean brushes and clean my brushes regularly. So I know it's not me. It's something with those blushes. The first thing I tried was an exact o knife to scrape of the top layer. And it hurt my heart to throw out all the product I did scrape off. Not to mention, the scrape marks just aren't cute.

And After- I could have done a better job but got a bit lazy...

So I took to google. And read a lot of different solutions. The one that works best....tape. Just press the tape on the blush...and it lifts a little bit at at time. You might have to do it a couple times...but it does work. And you will have a blush like new. At least ntil the next time you have to do it. It's not a permanent solution. 

But it works a lot better than repressing, throwing out, scraping off the top layer...etc. Try it the next time you have a blush-or foundation...or even an eyeshadow that's giving you trouble!