Monday, May 15, 2017

Afghan Roht (Sweet, Round, Flat, Bread)

I'm blogging a little bit earlier today. Mostly because I'm supposed to be working out, but today is not a work out day. It's a blanket, tea and cookies, and good book reading type of day. But I do want to blog before I start the ultimate relaxing-or sleeping session.

So...I finished making all the soups and appetizers on the Afghan Kitchen recipes website, so I thought it was time to move on to desserts. First one...Roht. I had to order the seeds off Amazon, because I didn't realize they had it in my local grocery store. And while I was caught up getting those I forgot the sesame seeds. Whoops. 

This recipe was a bit hard to follow for me, because its in grams. I halved the recipe once I saw how much flour I was measuring out, Which worked out pretty well. I ended up with two pans instead of four. And two pans was plenty.

I also kind of messed the recipe up a bit by using regular flour instead of self rising. I figured it would work the same or at least similar-and I didn't feel like figuring out the measurements for whipping up my own since the recipe was in grams. Maybe it's better to do it as the recipe is written though, because mine didn't stay fresh past a day, but microwaving it zapped it back to almost as fresh as out the oven.

I loved the taste of cardamom. It was mellow, medium sweetness. And the black seeds lent a very interesting flavor to the bread. It was certainly interesting. And I do really like it. Especially with a cup of tea.

I would make it again, I would probably just try out a different recipe, because I think there might be a better one out there that doesn't call for self rising flour...because I never have that on hand.

I think it was a good intro to me for Afghan sweets, and I can't wait to try the other recipes on the website. 

Click here to check the recipe I used.

Apparently I didn't take any pictures while I was making it, but that was the finished product- all tinned up and ready to eat. I had a whole other tin of it.